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3 strangers meet for the first time and start an awesome spontaneous jam together.

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Chasing Dreams - Day 75

Accept failure. It’s part of the process. It’ll come, and it will also go.  Keep your eyes and heart fixed on achieving your goal, that way you can climb out of the holes and ruts you’ll fall into.

Thankful to be an artist, or at least to be artistic/creative.

Chasing Dreams - Day 70

While ‘Chasing Dreams’ you have to accept the identity you’re pursuing.  If you’re trying to be a writer, call yourself a writer. If you’re trying to be a musician, call yourself a musician.  Even if you’re in the process of accomplishing your goals, you have to motivate and remind yourself of who you’re going to become.  Verbal affirmation is a great tool for success.

Chasing Dreams - Day 62

When Chasing Dreams, it’s very important to stop and assess your progress. It’s crucial for you to take the time and make sure everything is going according to plan, and if it’s not you figure out how to get back on track.  We must stop and regroup from time to time, to avoid burn out and to refresh ourselves.

It’s nice to take a vacation from time to time too.

Be sure that you’re keeping your goals in view, but focus more of your energy on the immediate steps you have to take forward.  Being caught up in the future can lead to negative thoughts and a lack of productivity.

Stop. Regroup. Take a step.